The Telecommunications Authority shall draw up, announce and administer an overall Faroese numbering plan that contains an allocation of the overall numbering resources, comprising numbers, number series, codes and addresses to be used in connection with the provision of electronic communications networks or services. In the numbering plan, numbering resources shall inter alia be designated for:
1) Short codes to be used for inter alia public emergency services, directory enquiry services, or other services of social value;
2) Provision of electronic communications networks or services with special tariff conditions;
3) Reservation for the purpose of later use, including reservation for the purpose of rearranging the numbering plan;
4) Provision of free telephone numbers accessible without charge to the end-user;
5) Provision of numbers where the provider of electronic communications networks or services, as an integral part of charging for the call, is also responsible for recording the usage of an underlying information or content service, as well as invoicing and billing this to the end-user.

The Telecommunications Authority shall allocate numbers, number series, codes, and addresses to those who have been granted a general authorisation according to section 4 to provide electronic communications networks and services, or USO services.

The Telecommunications Authority may stipulate specific rules about the composition, publication, and administration of the numbering plan, including as well rules regarding deployment, assignment, modification, revocation and, withdrawal of numbers, number series, codes, and addresses.

Numbers and electronic addresses may not be used before they are allocated by the Telecommunications Authority.

Providers who have received allocated numbers, and then reassign them to end-users, shall deliver a copy of their number database to anyone who asks for it. The price for providing such a copy must not exceed the cost to provide said copy (marginal cost).

Overview of the faroese numberingplan

Here is the faroese numberingplan with an overview over numbers to special services, fixed, mobile and other special codes: